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Deep dive into the 8 major causes of food sensitivities (in adults)

Major root causes: 8

  1. Chronic stress
  • chronic stress (imbalanced daily cortisol rhythm, poor sleep & imbalanced blood sugar) – a vicious cycle)
  • a DUTCH PLUS can be a very helpful place to start since it will show us what stage of dysregulation or “burnout” you are in (often starts as high cortisol symptoms and eventually leads to low cortisol) – check previous posts for signs & symptoms of this
  1. Overexercise: is essentially being processed by your brain as stress.
  1. Having poor gut health: (including pathogen overgrowth whether h. pylori, sibo / other bacteria, viruses, parasites/worms, molds) aka anything that causes leaky gut = leaky immune system = body starts to over react then you’re sick all the time because your immune system is too sensitive.
  1. Having a high histamine load (or any toxic buildup of anything you are sensitive or intolerant to!)
  1. Gallbladder issues:
  • Having a sluggish gallbladder or no gallbladder at all! The gallbladder is an organ that is tightly connected to the liver and our bodys major detoxification pathways. It stores & concentrates bile from the liver.
  • Bile has 2 main functions & it’s one of my favorite organs!
    • 1) helps digest fats (cholesterol) and uses those parts to make our other biochemicalmolecules, hormones & proteins that we need
    • 2) is super antimicrobial – it should theoretically be released 10 – 12x a day…nowadays this isn’t always the case which is also a reason why chronic, silent, drug resistant pathogens are on the rise!
  1. Diminished enzyme capacity: decreased enzyme capacity in the digestive tract! geneally our digestion & absorption capacity decreases or slows down as we age. it can also occur earlier on due to numerous factors – some root causes include infections or nutrient deficiencies. or taking certain medications (ppis are a big one here)
  1. Low or poor immunity in general (autoimmune reactivity/sensitivity & full blown autoimmune disease)
  1. Having a congested liver or history of long term medication use (medications are stored in the liver)

Reach out if you’re interested in testing for either food sensitivities or are interested in diving into one of our programs and healing your allergies/sensitivities at the root cause level – by going through a 6 month gut healing program that includes a stool analysis instead!

Remember, these are root causes most common in adults. Stay tuned, in the next blog post we’ll talk about food sensitivities in kids. Signs & symptoms to be familiar with and the different TYPES of sensitivities & to what they may develop.

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