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7 Natural Antihistamines & 5 Personal Favorite Spring Supplements To support you & your immune system this spring!

Natural Antihistamines & My Favorite Spring Supplements

Spring is awesome, but all the flowers and new trees blooming can be a real pain. They can cause so many annoying symptoms, but gone unchecked – can cause serious issues to your immune system. It took me a while to heal my allergies, but after a few years of ongoing support, I am so happy to say I rarely have flares – so I wanted to share a few pearls I’ve learned along the way! Remember this is never medical advice and should never replace health advice from your provider but serves as education to empower you!

My top 7 favorite natural antihistamines that I incorporate into my life as a naturopathic doctor who once had horrible allergies!

  • Starting usually mid Winter through Spring

 1) Quercetin – an antioxidant and flavonoid found in many plants & foods. Found to have anti – allergic & antihistamine properties. Naturally found in many foods & herbs BUT best to take at higher doses with specific supplementation than found in foods and longer term to prevent those allergies from manifesting in the first place.

2) Bromelain an enzyme found in pineapple – great for lowering inflammation in the sinuses.

  • Avoid if allergic to pineapple: side effects digestive upset & increased HR
  • Again, best if supplemented at higher therapeutic doses for what we’re trying to address!

3) Vitamin C – I take 1,000-2,000 mg when actively supplementing which I do usually 1 week out of the month and as needed now that I have my allergies & inflammatory load more under control.

4) Probiotics which may help boost your immune system which can help your body fight off allergies – works great if leaky gut is contributing to your symptoms

5) Stinging nettle (urtica dioica): anti-inflammatory which can help reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis (sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes) – I like drinking this as a tea but again higher therapeutic doses exist in capsule and tincture forms!


6) Astragalus: immuno modulator


 7) Omega 3s to help lower inflammation in general


Check out our Instagram for a list of antihistamines herbs, spices, vegetables & fruits!


My personal favorite spring time supplements:

There was a period of time on my healing journey where I was reacting to everything! Looking back I most likely has some form of MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) because I was living a lifestyle very similar to an antihistamine and low FODMAP diet now that I look at it. Back then I was keeping food journals and trying to figure out the root cause of my symptoms so I’m here to share some pearls I learned along the way! Reach out if you’d like to get support in healing!

BCQ by Vital Nutrients: I personally take 1 capsule, 3x a day as a maintenance dose if I feel like I need the support. I’ll do 2 caps, 3x a day for a few days if I feel I need extraaaa anti inflammatory support.


HistaminX by Seeking Health: I took this for a short period of time regularly maybe 3 months before I realized I had to dig deeper and look at my gut. I went through two bottles taking it 2 capsules nightly with dinner. I like all the ingredients in there but feel like the doses could be higher for some people!

Histo X by Apex Energetics – I love this product and all of apex’s products actually – they have an awesome proprietary blend that includes quercetin, butterbur, stinging nettle – which are all antihistamines I like to incorporate at higher doses! 1 capsule is 675 mg so I can easily adjust this while having to take less capsules which is awesome!

Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne: I like that 1 capsule is 250 mg so if I’m “high dosing” myself for a few days I can take 1-2, 3x a day and feel a difference after 3 days. This was a life saver when I was having acute reactions to literally everything! Plus it’s one of my favorites so it’s in my medicine cabinet!

Resvero-XL™ Active by Apex: allowed me to high dose resveratrol which is super anti inflammatory and healing to multiple systems. I went through 2 bottles during healing from that since I found it so effective! This also helped me get through healing from mold toxicity as well as nourishing my gut!


Reach out if you want individualized care and support!

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