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Macro Healing Programs

Who This is For: The Macro Programs are of 3 types, depending on:

  • how chronic your symptoms are,
  • how many “systems” we have to functionally work through,
  • how long your body takes to detox, rest, & integrate changes

The duration of these programs will vary per individual, typically 4 – 9 months.

We will start out creating a goal/plan and will have compassion if we need to change
it along the way!

Typically, my graduates follow up seasonally!

Comprehensive Root Cause Healing Program

Minimum 6 month commitment [please note: may run over a few weeks – months depending on how fast your body is able to go through the 4 month foundational cleanse…]

A 4 month foundational cellular cleanse/detox [Includes herbal & vitamin/mineral formulations. Includes 4-5 supplements taken each month]

Month 1 focus: open up energy & drainage / detox pathways
Month 2 focus: gut and immune support
Month 3: whole body & immune support
Month 4: Systemic Detox

6 monthly consults (1 longer initial intake 2 hours, follow up times range 30 – 90 minutes – decided on as need basis)…

Essentials – Recommended for first timers

For who? Best if you want to do 1 functional lab test with a comprehensive lifestyle plan that includes supplement recommendations with a few follow ups + mini updates to the protocol/plan after each follow up.

Includes: 3 appointments (1 longer initial intake + 2 follow ups), 1 complimentary functional lab (most commonly ran are either stool analysis or comprehensive hormone testing including cortisol) & 15% off all supplements for life.


For who? Best if you want to do 2 functional lab tests (Same: Before and After) and get a comprehensive lifestyle plan including supplement recs and updates.

Includes: 4 appointments (1 longer initial intake + 3 follow ups), 2 complimentary functional labs & 20% off supplements for life.

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Micro Healing Programs

This four-stage Micro Programs Series Guides you on a progressive journey, requiring you to begin at Level 1 and advance to the next.

Each will contain a supplement piece, a lifestyle program that goes into diet/ nutrition education/recommendations for specific symptoms/diagnoses.

For Example: Cholesterol Lowering, Seasonal Support (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), Pediatrics, etc…

Coming throughout 2024: Thyroid Support, Anxiety Support, Menstrual Support (PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Infertility, postpartum), and so much more.

Phase A

Level 1 - General Naturopathic *** Protocol

(*** enter in your symptoms and/or diagnoses)

Supplement Protocol Alone

Great for: Self-guided persons with a basic understanding of naturopathic principles,
looking for an effective cholesterol-lowering protocol with supplement recommendations

Not for: Individuals seeking personalized guidance and detailed analysis. This
option is not suitable for those looking for a deeper understanding of their
unique health profile. This option is not suitable for individuals seeking a
personalized approach or those with complex health conditions requiring
extensive guidance.

Level 2 - Lab Analysis + Customized Protocol

Supplement Protocol + 1 Customized Protocol with Lab Analysis

Great for: those who desire a more tailored protocol based on lab results,
appreciate a self-paced approach, and are committed to a 4-6 month program
for cholesterol management.

Note: no 1:1 appointments. Submit your lab reports for doctor’s personalized recommendations.

Not for: individuals seeking ongoing personlized support and regular
check-ins. This option is not suitable for those with complex health conditions
requiring extensive guidance.

Phase B

Add-On Naturopathic Appointments & Coaching Sessions


Work 1:1 with a Naturopathic & Functionally trained doctor
Appointment types vary between a naturopathic appointments vs coaching sessions.
One is more rooted in listening, understanding, compassion and piecing together
the puzzle pieces of your health history so I can prioritize your systems if you choose to
work further with me!
You cannot just add on coaching sessions. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are
other coaches that would be a great fit.

Coaching sessions are shorter, to see what’s been going well and what obstacles you’ve
run into… These are more for you to ask questions and for us to trouble shoot!

Level 3


3 Total Naturopathic Appointments

Includes: 1 longer 90-120 minute functional naturopathic intake, 2 shorter but
still long 60-90 minute follow ups.

Not for: individuals solely seeking short-term, coaching-oriented interactions.
This option is not suitable for those desiring regular accountability and motivational sessions.

Great for: those looking for a comprehensive, long-term health strategy, interested
in exploring a naturopathic framework, and have specific health concerns or
diagnoses to address.

Level 4

Coaching Sessions Added

Includes: 4 additional, 30 minute coaching sessions (via video)

Great for: those who an additional coaching focused approach, seeking regular
accountability, motivation, and short troubleshooting sessions alongside their
naturopathic consults.


Phase A focuses solely on self-guided protocols with varying levels of personalization based on symptoms/diagnoses and lab analysis. It does not include any direct interaction with the naturopathic doctor.

Level 3, on the other hand, includes 3 naturopathic appointments:

  • Initial Intake: A longer (90-120 minute) consultation where the doctor gathers your health history, concerns, and goals.
  • Follow-ups: Two shorter (60-90 minute) appointments to monitor progress, adjust the plan, and address any new concerns.

Level 4 builds upon Level 3 by adding 4 additional, 30-minute coaching sessions with the naturopathic doctor. These sessions:

  • Provide regular accountability and motivation
  • Allow for short troubleshooting
  • Offer an additional coaching-focused approach

Compared to Phase A, Level 4 offers the same benefits as Level 3 (direct interaction with a naturopath, personalized guidance) but with the added support of regular coaching sessions.

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