Comprehensive Root Cause Healing Program

For who? More structured, better results – best for those who can easily implement change with step by step instructions – highly motivated. Includes a huge mindset piece missing from the other 2 (the others still include this but not directly). Also includes 4 months of Cellcore supplements.

Minimum 6 month commitment [please note: may run over a few weeks – months depending on how fast your body is able to go through the 4 month foundational cleanse…]

a 4 month foundational cellular cleanse/detox [Includes herbal & vitamin/mineral formulations. Includes 4-5 supplements taken each month]

  • Month 1 focus: open up energy & drainage / detox pathways
  • Month 2 focus: gut & immune support
  • Month 3: whole body & immune support
  • Month 4: Systemic Detox

6 monthly consults (1 longer initial intake 2 hours, follow up times range 30 – 90 minutes – decided on as need basis)

2 functional labs (Before & After)

  • one at month 1 before starting the foundational cleanse
  • one at month 5 – after the foundational cleanse

Add on functional lab for $500
Option to add in another test at Month 5 (for example if we are focusing on healing your gut and originally ran a stool analysis, you could add in a comprehensive hormone panel at month 5 when we retest your stool if you feel motivated to keep on going!)

Lifestyle coaching: in addition to the foundational cleanse – each month you’ll have some self paced learning to do – your homework is basically to learn, set intentions and apply the change with little action steps which compound immensely over time especially with a little consistency

  • Month 5: Regnerate & Functional Testing
  • Month 6: Review follow up functional lab, review all your progress and create a new 1-3 month protocol based off those results.

Perks for people who graduate from our program:

  • 15% – 25 % therapeutic grade supplements for life
  • 10% off packages as well
  • 5% off follow ups
  • Option to go through program at a discounted rate if you choose to do it again for your lifetime (20% off)

Other things to note:

  • Initial intake is much longer to allot for enough time to review your history, learn about your current goals, what things have worked/haven’t/why, and much more –
  • Follow ups range 30 – 90 minutes
  • No real time limit on using consults, but let’s say they expire after 3 years let’s say.
  • Can add on functional lab test for $400-$500 depending on the lab (you get them at practitioner pricing)

Essentials – Recommended for first timers

For who? Best if you want to do 1 functional lab test with a comprehensive lifestyle plan that includes supplement recommendations with a few follow ups + mini updates to the protocol/plan after each follow up.

Includes: 3 appointments (1 longer initial intake + 2 follow ups), 1 complimentary functional lab (most commonly ran are either stool analysis or comprehensive hormone testing including cortisol) & 15% off all supplements for life.


For who? Best if you want to do 2 functional lab tests (Same: Before and After) and get a comprehensive lifestyle plan including supplement recs and updates.

Includes: 4 appointments (1 longer initial intake + 3 follow ups), 2 complimentary functional labs & 20% off supplements for life.