Clean living & Health Gadgets


Blood Sugar Monitor

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Mito Red Light

Great for balancing circadian rhythm & sleep cycles

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Brytn Smile

Non-toxic, natural teeth whitening using light technology

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Airies Tech

EMF Protection: great for those who are EHS (electrically hypersensitive)

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Branch Basics

Home Cleaning Products

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FOND bone broth

Bone Broth

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Clean Skin Care & Cosmetics:

Grande Lash MD

Clean Beauty

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RYA Organix

Facial oils & serums: plant based, no harsh fillers

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Derma E

Clean beauty

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Just Thrive

Probiotics – low dose; Dr. Noosha recommends higher doses after a functional stool analysis, a new field called “Precision Probiotics”

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House of Wise

Favorite is the Stress Gummies

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Dispensary for New & Existing Clients

10-25% off high quality, heavily tested supplements

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Body Bio

High Quality Supplements – Favorite is the Vitamin C

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Bio – Optimizers

Favorite product is Magnesium – the only one on the market with all 7+ forms.

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