Naturopathic Medicine

Chronic (silent or recurrent) infections:

“Superbugs” – pathogens (bacteria, reactivated viruses, parasites, fungi – the root cause of many diagnoses:
•RA (rheumatoid arthritis)
•CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
•Lyme & Coinfections
•CIRS/Biotoxin illness

Digestive (Gut) Health:

•Pathogens (parasites & microbial imbalance)
•Leaky gut
•IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
•IBD (irritable bowel disease)
•SIBO/SIFO + candida (small intestinal bacterial / fungal overgrowth)
•Food intolerances / allergies

Allergies & Sensitivities (food & environmental) + Skin conditions:

•Skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections
•Digestive issues
•Vision changes (floaters)
•Headaches / Brain fog

Mental & Brain Health:

•Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar
•Neuropsychiatric disorders: autism, ADD/ADHD
•Brain fog/dementia type symptoms
•Disordered eating

Wellness / Systemic Optimization:

Bio hacking for generally healthy, athletes & those looking to optimize & prevent disease

Stress & Sleep related disorders:

•hormone & circadian rhythm balancing
•neurotransmitter health

Woman’s Health & Hormone Balancing:

•Irregular or absent menstrual cycles
•Post – Birth Control Syndromes
•Fertility care (preconception & postpartum – care & depression)
•Thyroid disorders (including autoimmune)
•Adrenal & Cortisol imbalances
•Blood sugar dysregulation
•Fatigue / Brain fog