Women’s Health services offered

Though many women only schedule a visit when they need birth control or develop uncomfortable symptoms, they miss the most fundamental benefit of women’s health care: preventing disease and living a healthy, vital life during any and every phase of life. At ANS Healing, Noosha Shambayati, NMD, and the team can manage women’s reproductive and overall health with a combination of natural therapies, nutritional counseling, supplements, and conventional medical care. Whether you have questions about your health or are ready to come off birth control and start prepping for a family, book online today.

Why do I need routine functional testing for women’s health care?

Women’s health includes more than caring for women’s unique health concerns once they have manifested. It also encompasses disease prevention and lifestyle recommendations that promote optimal wellness throughout your lifetime.

Routine checkups allow Dr. Noosha to identify signs of health problems at the earliest possible stage while you can still take steps to prevent serious problems.

What are the top women’s health problems?

Dr. Noosha provides comprehensive care for women’s health concerns. A few conditions she frequently manages include:

Infertility & Prenatal Visits

Many women have trouble getting pregnant due to subclinical hypothyroid and because of all the endocrine disruptors that are present in common household products, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, in our foods, etc. Estrogen dominance is a huge problem in the population, and addressing this for each individual is crucial. Having the optimal estrogen to progesterone ratio is crucial for a woman to conceive and carry full term. Most traditional doctors test hormones via blood, and they don’t check your progesterone levels at the correct time of the month. Dr. Noosha uses natural methods, your history combined with functional testing to get to the root cause of your infertility problems, and helps you with nutrition throughout to keep a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Thyroid and Adrenal problems

Often ignored, the thyroid & adrenal glands are a crucial part of our hormonal system. Thyroid and adrenal problems can affect any part of your body. Your thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate every function in your body, from metabolism, digestion, and heart rate to muscle strength and body weight. The adrenal glands make hormones that regulate vital functions like your blood pressure, sleep/wake cycles and help balance your mental health/energy levels. They also release adrenaline when you feel stressed or anxious.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS develops when women have high androgen levels. High androgens disrupt your ovaries, cause insulin resistance, and increase your risk of chronic health conditions such as infertility, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. A major and common root cause is insulin resistance, meaning blood sugar imbalances, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Other Hormone Imbalances & Liver Detoxification Pathways

Any hormone in your body can become imbalanced due to chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies, sleep problems, and diseases affecting the hormone glands, to name a few possible causes. Menopause causes the dramatic loss of estrogen, but other hormones slowly decline as you age. One common root cause is a congested liver, which causes an aggravation of symptoms since all hormones are detoxified through the liver.

What women’s health services might I receive?

Dr. Noosha begins by learning about your family history, medical history, and dives deep into your menstrual cycles and OB/GYN history. She also asks about your lifestyle habits, including your diet, exercise regimen, sleep patterns, and exposure to stress and r environmental toxins. Based on your exam, she may order blood work and a more comprehensive functional lab test that most specialists don’t even run.

After learning about all the facets of your life and determining the underlying cause of your women’s health issues, Dr. Noosha recommends an individualized wellness plan. Many women need to restore hormonal balance, change their diet, edit their exercise or mind-body routine, or take supplements or herbal medicines.

As a naturopathic medical doctor, Dr. Noosha starts your care with the most appropriate natural therapies to balance your hormones. She can also refer you to someone who will prescribe  conventional medications as needed if natural therapies don’t work

If you have any questions or concerns about your health, call ANS Healing or book an appointment online to start on the path toward optimal health.