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After suffering from digestive & gut issues from a young age, I was recently diagnosed with IBS in 2021. It was a long journey getting diagnosed and I had felt stuck ever since. Meeting with her, she spent so much time with me getting to know me, my history, my story and my body! She explained the tests I could run to get to the root cause because IBS is a symptom she says. She also explained that going through this program would be a great idea first before testing so she saved me a lot of money compared to the other functional doctors I was looking at who wanted me to spend thousands on testing! She is teaching me our body is always speaking to us as symptoms and in order to heal I have to learn to listen and take care of her! Dr. Noosha has given me hope again and after completing her 6 month healing program I can happily say I am feeling 50% better than I have the past 10 years and am excited to put in another 6 months to hopefully feeling 100% again!

Mar 22, 2023

Dr. Noosha has been extremely helpful. Modern medicine provided by other doctors wasn’t helping with my digestive/ mental health. Each virtual visit I was given a specific protocol to follow, asked to make diet/ lifestyle changes, and was recommended supplements to intake. After a month of putting into practice the protocol I started seeing progress and have been healing ever since. Every consultation I felt heard, my questions were answered, and support was given through various resources to help me adapt such health practices to my liking. If I had questions in between visits Dr. Noosha would clarify or answer any of my concerns. When lab work was done it was clearly explained. Grateful for the professional input.

Nov 03, 2022

I am so grateful and happy I found Dr. Noosha. After suffering from infertility for over 2+ years, my husband and I were extremely stressed. I developed severe anxiety and insomnia from the stress of trying to figure things out and conceive. After a few short months of working with her, my anxiety and insomnia disappeared. She was extremely reassuring and helped us get to the root cause of our infertility issues. After a few months of removing mental & physical obstacles, addressing hormonal imbalances with lifestyle changes and a few more months of supplements I am happy to say we are pregnant!!! We can’t thank her enough for not giving up on us and simply referring us to another specialist like so many doctors had done.

Oct 29, 2022

Dr Shambayati, spent a lot of time with me so she totally understood what I wanted to accomplish. She prescribed a very healthy mix of vitamin’s and has done some great follow up to measure my progress. I had a great experience!

Sep 27, 2022

Dr. Noosha is the best. I came with her with a lot of pre existing conditions that I couldn’t get a handle one. After spending time with Dr. Noosha through her personalized care I have been able to get To the root cause of my conditions. I look forward to continue to work with Dr. Noosha and appreciate all of her support!

Sep 27, 2022